Tulina’s Bird Family

Meet Apollo and Amina, this is a family of seven birds that are permanent residents at Tulina Riverside “ a live feature at our bar and restaurant”. Apollo started a family in 2012  by building a nest with  red stones and soil  on the right corner of bar.  On the night of 31st May 2012, he brought his new bride home in his newly fixed house. Amina is known of the black and white oil coat, she is very fast in the wind and an early riser. She was very productive in the first year as a wife in the home. Amina gave birth to Sam and Tina.   Incest is not part of their culture, the two quick set up a home in the neighborhood, building a similar nest with better technology owning to the advance  in generation. Their nest is made of mixture of glass, stones and red soil. It is a stronger and finely well-designed house.  Sam and Tina set up a complete family in Feb 2013, giving birth to three other offspring.  This family of native birds give us an interesting spectacle in the morning birds, flying the over the white ceiling and creating a living picture of the wild in an open-air restaurant. There company gives a healing appreciation of creation and nature.  With a moral lesson to the human race – that we can all live in peace and love, just respect each other’s space and abilities.