Sweetie 16 years’ Experience at Tulina

I whispered to my friend at work, that I needed a new twist in my  life , a new experience , I needed to feel young and true to me !! it was all about me as I  sat in my office wondering the next steps … she text a number of a resort … in the East,

I thought of my actions to call the proprietor; I planned the inquires:  what would be the price, timing and possibility of the right company; I need to create reason to celebrate.  Not far from my timeline was the date of my permanent commitment. I thought of my long term and permanent boyfriend, that man that had nail it all.  Yes, I had source of capital, reason for a plot and location for an act and work to do.   My mind was set; I had reason and motive.  I Picked up my mobile and made a call at 3.00 pm; in the mid heat of the sun, the temperature in my office was about 20 degrees due to the A/C , I decided to move to the  yard, it was hot  about 31  degrees.  As I spoke,  sweat was flowing down my neck, do I  ask why this just happened …. Is this Tulina Riverside Treat ? Response:  Yes Madam,  Question, Is Tulina a  religious  retreat place  or a hotel I asked ? The voice on the other side said Response:  “no  we are a “treat” a spot where  individuals make lasting memories in life”. What can I do for you madam?  He said.  Question: What is cost of a double room ?  I would like to come with my husband for a special treat? The Voice said. “let me know how you like it madam” I said I would it special, romantic and engaging; reason for an escape from Kampala.  Response:  it is only 148,000 /- 35% for additional features or specials arrangements.  So I made my wish list to the voice …. (allow me not to say all…. But on this  list included bedroom flowers, selection of clothing types, cake…e.t.c  hmmmm)

I made the first deposit for the cake, then planned the talk to my permanent boyfriend. 16 years ago, he had given me a round metal on my finger so that I can rotate around him as a permanent asset in his life.

I got home; early that day, did all it takes for a woman to talk to a busy and hard-working husband. All I said “ I have paid for the cake for the 16th anniversary and it will be transported to Jinja , tomorrow we need to check in a 4 pm.  He said, what , where and which place is that. As per recommendation it is good, not a traditional hotel. Let us try it , we need around 600 dollars for all the fun.  Darling we can afford that , right ?  He said ya….. but I have some work on weekend. Let me reorganize myself.

We left Kampala at 3.00 pm , on Friday  as advice by the voice at Tulina,  via Gayaza route , reached Kirugu town around 5.00 pm,  the signage read 2.5 kilometers off the tarmac . We drove in a local neighborhood past the village homestead wondering where we are heading.  A journey off the tarmac 2.5 km was the  most difficult part of the trip.  I had questions from my neighbor “why on earth did you select this place, in the bush, look at the surrounding, are we safe, what shall we eat ?  My friend did not have answers. We arrived at the gate and a young man opened and asked for the details.  I was quick to ask , we are very tried we need to check now. I wanted to see the room.  The place was very silence; only the sound of birds and whisper of the trees. It seems as if we were the only clients that day.  First my flowers were not in the room.  (first disappointment) I called the voice; Response he responded by saying you are welcome,  it is a flower; but life is not about perfection , think of you and neighbor  you have work to do than think of the negative” ….now.  Walking but to the reception, I pick the point, ask my friend, we should take walk in the garden.  Yes, that was a turning point. I felt at peace, I had my boyfriend to myself.

Dinner was served at 7.00 pm;  in an open air restaurant , it was windy and cold we were force by nature to seek the comfort of  our room. I think by design the propriety had removed the TV from the room.  If my man wanted watch anything like football he had to move to the reception. So, we got held up  in the room for our convenience.   Fast Forward….

Morning came, Beautiful Saturday; great weather …..to my disappointment my man  had a reason to say we have to be back in Kampala by 10 am, business was calling. I got disturbed, … I was disturbed.  I asked the host to continue plans as  planned..

Our breakfast was arranged in the “passionate gardens” this is a place in the mid of the Tulina Garden with artistic features in the garden, lovely trees and water in the background.  As we had our breakfast, we notice a number of vehicles driving in and also noticed that we had company last night.  A number of Chinese and Americas had come for breakfast and then planning for white water rafting.  My husband kept on asking about trying it for 30 minutes then we go back. On meeting the other “voice” in morning, he asks if would like try the adventure. Ohooo yes, I said immediately, he said it all , … I was not ready to go to the water, not after the Lake Victoria accident.  He made an offer over 30% off….. the cost waived for us to bond on water. We agreed to a half day treat.  We took the opportunity, but instead went all the way for the full day.  It was engaging, romantic and with a lot of care, we received on the trip we forget about the journey back to Kampala.

Here comes the climax………. the after a rest in the room, while my friend watch a march with other guests, we where invited by the other VOICE to a candlelit garden dinner. We were in the center of the restaurant garden surrounded by candles lighting with a special meal from the river we had embrace the whole day during the rafting sport. Each of us had a king size whole fish -tilapia gold grilled and Nile Special.  This was great, coupled with the care and attention from the staff.  The singing as we received our cake…. After all this we had be treat as a king and queen. We had all the attention and care of the Tulina team walking to the room was the most romantic touch in the last sixteen years.  It was a memory create and inspiration for a lifetime.

Me and my permanent boyfriend agreed that this was a treat, beyond our expectations. We had location, opportunity to engage and work to do. Thank you. Tulina