Our Bar

The BAR is located within the open air restaurant, with well-seasoned and flowered gardens allowing guests to enjoy their drinks in locations of their choice of umbrella seat, open sun, by the riverside, by the cliff, campfire seat or seated on the carpet grass.


We offer a variety of drinks, beers, spirits and soft drinks. You can make drink preferences by email or phone before your arrival so that we can stock for your personal treat. We allow our guests to self-service pre-paid bar in rooms or by the riverside – take beer jar.. Join friends and share the beer as you let the Winds of the Nile treat you to a moment of smoothing massaging breeze.


We operate both a pre-paid bar and cash bar at all times. We are capable of hosting a number of events, at the Treat. We can host weddings, private birthdays, company parties, retreats and games.



Hours: 8.00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.


T:+ 256 751 460 000

Email:  bookings@tulinariverside.com