Boat Ride

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The site of flowing water and the sound of waves hitting the banks of the river creates a moment of natural hearing that lead to the reduction of stress and life distress. It makes the human being realize the wonders of life.  All at Tulina Riverside!

At Tulina Riverside you can take a boat on the River Nile for 45 minutes or 2 hours to experience this life changing moment. You can have the opportunity to fish at the riverbanks and get to prepare your own catch.

You can  choose the following options and prices selection :

  1. Cruise Boat – ( Capacity of 25 people)  15 minutes or 30 minutes : Charge per trip per person 10,000UGX and 15,000UGX depending time used.
  2. Motor Boat- ( capacity of 4 people including pilot)- 20 minutes: Charge per trip 60,000UGX
  3. Jet Skii- Capacity 2 people including pilot. Charge per minute at 3USD per minute.
  4. Canoe boat – ( capacity of 4 people) : Charge per hour at 25USD per hour

Note: Booking is a must.